Price per tsubo unit price

The unit price of land is 1.5 million yen as the standard

Nerima-ku is the area with higher land prices in the south than in the northern part of the city. If it is in the south, it will be a market view that exceeds the pure unit price of 1.5 million yen only by the land. Conversely, in the northern part, there are many regions where the tsubo unit price falls below 1.5 million yen. Therefore, when building an ordered house in Nerima Ward, firstly, with land alone only with a tsubo unit price of 1.5 million yen as one criterion, depending on whether higher costs can be put on the land cost or not, even in the Nerima Ward The area to search for will change. Also, because of the balance between building coverage and volumetric ratio, Nerima Ward has many areas where it is possible to build a three-story order house, so there are options to secure a total floor area with three floors of land at a narrow space . However, in general, the building cost of an ordered house is three floors higher than that of a two-story building, which increases about 100,000 yen in tsubo unit cost, so it is necessary to select the property of the land taking that into consideration.

I ordered houses thought with set of utility bills

When order house is called, the eye goes to thing that cost is expensive anyhow. Therefore, although we plan to arrange the room freely, or to order houses in order to adhere to housing facilities, there is also the idea that as much as possible other costs are suppressed. However, if you are going to spend money at an order house, it is important to think about not only construction cost but also utility cost as a set. For example, taking into consideration that if the utility cost drops by 10,000 yen a month, if the 35-year mortgage is assembled at the current floating interest rate, the calculation will be the same as reducing the loan borrowing amount of over 3 million yen ,about it. In the case of incorporating walls and eco-glass with high air-tightness and heat insulation properties, or not, in the case of Nerima-ku, utility costs will change greatly especially in summer and winter. If you are building a custom-built house, it would be better to use effective cost to build a house with high air-tightness and heat insulation and aim for a direction that can cause utilities to float.