Electrical problems are hard to notice and are very dangerous. Unnoticed electrical problems have become a leading cause of property fires in London, so one can never be too careful with their electricity. Here are the common electrical problems you can spot before it causes damage.

Flickering Light – Lights flickering are more than damaged light bulbs. Take note of the situation. Have you change your lightbulbs recently? Is the wind blowing hard outside? Busted lightbulbs are easy to fix, but flickering caused by intense outdoor wind may be caused by loose or faulty wiring, which are easy causes of property fire. see here for all details on LondonEliteTrades.

Hot switches – These usually happens with light dimmers. In this case, the problem could most likely be with the voltage and the bulbs installed. Always make sure that the bulbs match the voltage of the dimmers.

Half-lighted house – It might be funny to see only half of the house is lit. However, this phenomenon is actually caused by either of two things. First, there might be a problem with the circuit breaker. You might have to replace some of it to put the power back on the other half of the house. Second, and worse, case however is when you have a short circuit somewhere in your wiring.

Sags and Spikes – You might have noticed that sometimes you don’t have enough power, while sometimes you have more than you need (causing a surge). In this case, there might be a problem with one or more of your electronic equipment. Check for any damaged appliances or gadgets for any hints of power surges. Remove anything that causes this fluctuation so as to avoid power surges, which can singe your gadget and cause fire.

Fishy smell –When there’s a fishy smell coming from a socket or switch, it might be caused by serious damage to an electronic device or to the socket itself. In either case, you have to unplug the device to avoid further damage.

Electrical problems can cause serious damage to property. Look for same day London electricians that can fix your problem right when you need them. London Elite Trades can cater to customers in London at any time you need.


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